About Us


Connecting the arts, culture and community

Tulare County Fast Facts

  • Tulare County is the 7th largest geographical county in California.
  • The City of Visalia is one of America’s 200 largest cities.
  • Taste the Arts brings over 7,000 people to downtown Visalia every October during the largest outdoor art festivals in the South Central Valley!
  • Over 125 artists joined us for Taste The Arts in 2019.
  • The South Valley Artists’ Studio featured 40 nationally recognized artists in 2017.
  • We host a free community art hop every first Friday of the month in Downtown Visalia.
  • The Arts Consortium works as fiscal sponsor. Our special programs reach all corners of Tulare County

Mission and Vision Statement

The Arts Consortium brings together artists, organizations and art enthusiasts to advocate, promote and provide opportunities to create and celebrate the arts for all Tulare County residents and visitors. Through leadership and innovation, we are committed to preserving our cultural and creative diversity by building community where the arts are a vital part of everyday life.

Core Values

The Arts Consortium (AC) believes that the arts should be universal, affordable and accessible to everyone regardless of age, capacity, limitations or language. The arts build community, add to the beauty of our environment, record our history, are an economic boon and create opportunities for breaking down barriers, reducing levels of intimidation and building bridges. The AC further believes integrity, consistency, diversity, fiscal responsibility, originality and the power of collaboration are mandates for a successful arts organization.

The Arts Consortium is contracted by the City of Visalia to provide services in accordance to their Cultural Plan. The Tulare County Board of Supervisors has designated the Arts Consortium as the official arts council of Tulare County. The Arts Consortium is the official local partner of the California Arts Council, and has received a State Local Partner Program grant for operational support.

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