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Membership Overview

We bring together art lovers, community organizations, independent artists, and local businesses to advocate, promote, and provide opportunities to celebrate the arts for all Tulare County residents and visitors. Through leadership and innovation, we are committed to preserving our cultural and creative diversity by building communities where the arts are a vital part of everyday life. Membership support ensures the Arts Consortium remains a community resource through initiatives such as:

  • The MY VOICE MEDIA CENTER, which offers numerous art workshops, support meetings and exhibitions for persons who have lived experience with mental illness.
  • Our community arts programming such as TASTE THE ARTS FESTIVAL, FIRST FRIDAY ART HOP, and SOUTH VALLEY ART TOUR boost our local economy, foster our local identity, and promote tourism in our region.
  • Our partnership with the City of Visalia to fund new arts events that serve youth and diverse communities through our COMMUNITY ART GRANTS program.
  • Supporting creative ideas and individual artists through our fiscal agency over SPECIAL PROGRAMS like Tulare County Poetry Out Loud, Chicano Art Heritage Engagement Project, 1st Saturday in Three Rivers, and the Tulare County Theater Boosters.

    Our members enjoy benefits such as:

  • The right to join us for our membership meetings which provide updates on our monthly and annual artist opportunities. These meetings also provide networking opportunities, new member introductions, presentations, and news.  Membership meetings also allow you to shamelessly promote your arts business or arts event.
  • Exhibition opportunities for F1rst Fridays at one of our participating venues.
  • Listing in our annual publication, Watermark, and our online directory.
  • The opportunity to join one of our planning committees, including: F1rst Fridays, Taste the Arts, and the South Valley Art Tour.
  • Subscription to our email newsletter, which includes calls to artists and news about upcoming events and opportunities.
  • F1rst Friday venues get free advertising for their venue on all posters, cards, newspaper articles and community calendars as well as all of the above.


We understand that you may prefer to turn in a hard copy of the membership application.  Click the link to download a printable membership application:

Give us a call at (559) 772-0001 to learn more about Philanthropist and sponsorship opportunities!