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The Arts Consortium brings together artists, organizations and art enthusiasts to advocate, promote and provide opportunities to create and celebrate the arts for all Tulare County residents and visitors. Through leadership and innovation, we are committed to preserving our cultural and creative diversity by building community where the arts are a vital part of everyday life.

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The Arts Consortium is home to many Tulare County Artist. Original art, restoration, digital design, 3-D, or anything in between let us connect you to the most talented artists in Tulare County.

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Core Values

The Arts Consortium (AC) believes that the arts should be universal, affordable and accessible to everyone regardless of age, capacity, limitations or language. The arts build community, add to the beauty of our environment, record our history, are an economic boon and create opportunities for breaking down barriers, reducing levels of intimidation and building bridges. The AC further believes integrity, consistency, diversity, fiscal responsibility, originality and the power of collaboration are mandates for a successful arts organization.

The Arts Consortium is contracted by the City of Visalia to provide services in accordance to their Cultural Plan. The Tulare County Board of Supervisors has designated the Arts Consortium as the official arts council of Tulare County. The Arts Consortium is the official local partner of the California Arts Council, and has received a State Local Partner Program grant for operational support.

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My Voice Media Center

My Voice Media Center is a collaboration between the Arts Consortium and Tulare County Health and Human Services Agency – Mental Health Branch to provide art instruction for adults and their support base who have lived experience with mental illness. My Voice Media Center provides digital and traditional media in order to tell their stories and achieve their artistic aspirations.

Accomplished professional artist facilitates the creative ambitions of participants, offering weekly courses in photography, videography, drawing, poetry, audio engineering and recording, and much more. The facilitators act as guides, empowering artists to use digital tools to realize their own creative visions.

To learn more about the program, contact the Arts Consortium’s My Voice Media Center during our regular business hours.
Tuesday – Friday 10 AM – 3 PM at  300 E. Oak Ave. Visalia CA 93291.

*Calendar subject to change. Please call ahead for class availability.

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Michael Alvarez

Provides a basic understanding of the technical skills needed in digital photography. Both the beginning and advanced portions of this section are designed to build confidence in creating avenues of expressions through photography. Participants will learn how to operate a digital camera and will get a basic understanding of the design skills needed to express their thoughts.  In addition, participants will become familiar with transferring photos from their camera onto a Mac or PC.

Phet Khamsaysoury

Explore the basic photography and videography skills needed to capture still and moving images with an easy to use a digital camera. Participants will view images and videos to identify best in quality. They will have the opportunity to edit, transform, or modify their digital photographs and video using the software Final Cut Pro X.  Participants can develop a portfolio of images and video taken. 

Rebecca Haigh

Rebecca’s session is dedicated to developing images through the use of pastel painting techniques.  An important part of this session is the guided critique every week, during which participants have the opportunity to share constructive comments and opinions with each other.  This critique is meant to encourage thoughtful analysis of artwork and to build the sense of camaraderie.

Olivia Garza

Olivia uses techniques she acquired at UCLA’s 2017 Arts and Healing Conference to lead participants through a wide variety of short-term art exercises. This session is designed to encourage visualization and planning in color, texture, and materials.  Participants are also asked to fulfill a short writing requirement after each project, explaining the reasons which led to their final product.

Andrew Turner – Painting

Micki Gilheany – Fibers to Felt & beyond beads

Nathalie Debenne – Singing Sessions

James (Jim) Willwerth

Jim is a retired Time Magazine correspondent who has practiced journalism throughout the world. He is also the author of five nonfiction books on subjects ranging from a journal of the Vietnam war (from his time as a war correspondent) to the O.J. Simpson trial (which he covered for Time).  His other work includes a memoir of his family’s struggles with mental disease which is currently in his agent’s hands and, published earlier, a book-length look at the life of mugger, or street criminal, in New York City whom he shadowed for five months. Recently, he started work on a book about Tulare County’s infamous human trafficking case known as the Baby Face story.
Jim began teaching writing to students with mental health issues in 2002 in Long Beach, California.  At the request of the Southern California chapter of Mental Health America, where he was already a volunteer, he started a two-hour class on Fridays. He was impressed by the talented writers he met and enjoyed working with them so much that Friday, he recalls, ”became my favorite day of the week.”

Now it’s Wednesday.

after moving to Visalia when his wife, Uli, an occupational therapist, accepted a job offer, he approached the Tulare County Department of Mental Health to start a class here. He is available to students 1-3 p.m. Wednesdays and teaches all levels of literary writing, from poetry and novels to short stories, nonfiction and memoirs.  “People who endure mental illness have extremely dramatic and often heartbreaking stories to tell,” he explains. “I help them write their stories and make sense of the  the feelings that go with them. Storytelling is important to our culture and our history. We need writers. I hope some will get their start in my class.

More visiting artists to be announced.

Visit and learn more about the My Voice Media Center here.

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The Arts Consortium brings together artists, organizations and art enthusiasts to advocate, promote and provide opportunities to create and celebrate the arts for all Tulare County residents and visitors.

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