Spanspek Music & Arts Festival – Past Special Program

We are sad to hear that Spanspek Music & Arts Festival has had their last hurrah on September, 2017.
From Spanspek’s Facebook Page: 

The Last Spanspek – September 16th, 2017 You read right folks. After 12 years of bringing local music and art to Cutler-Orosi, we will be holding the final Spanspek Music and Arts Festival on September 16, 2017 (sorry in advance to all the Canelo Alvarez fans out there). It’s a pretty big deal. It’s a decision that wasn’t made lightly. However, we do feel that it’s the right thing to do. Music is our first love. We initially started Spanspek so that we could perform our own music in our hometown. Since that time it has grown to become a singular event that has helped us form long lasting friendships, experience incredible music and art, and even contribute to the college educations of a few Orosi High School students. It’s been amazing, but it has nevertheless become an all-encompassing effort. Though we love Spanspek and the community it has fostered, we want to dedicate ourselves fully to our original and new passions. All that said, don’t expect Spanspek to fully go away. We still plan on promoting the occasional show, with proceeds continuing to fund OHS scholarships. And if there’s anyone out there that wants to take the reigns or start something completely new that supports local music and art, rest assured we’ll be happy to provide advice and guidance. It’s been a wild and wonderful experience. We’ll be sad to see it end. But we’ll be happy as hell to celebrate with you all one last time on September 16th. 

Israel Flores
Cristobal Carrillo
Spanspek Music and Arts Festival
June 19, 2017
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Founded in 2006, the Spanspek Music and Arts Festival brought locally created visual and performing arts to the community of Cutler-Orosi, CA