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The wait is over! You can now pre-order your tickets for the new and improved South Valley Art Tour! On March 30-31, 2019, a collection of over twenty-five artists from Visalia, Tulare, Lindsay, Porterville, and Springville, featuring nationally recognized artists, as well as aspiring greats, invite you into their personal workspaces for a behind-the-scenes tour.  GET A SNEAK PEEK THIS FIRST FRIDAY!

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Where to go?!

April-First-First-Friday-Poster Arts Consortium
300 E. Oak Ave.


Your favorite First Friday art stop just got a little cooler! This month we are featuring art from our membership.  The theme is BUZZWORDS! We have also added a new venue to the art stop, so get your cards signed and drop them off at My Eyes Y Corazon for your chance to win a prize.

Q: What is a buzzword?

A: A buzzword is something that is trending in your social circle.  Topics we often see are: Banksey, Artificial Intelligence, Rain, Support The Arts, Happy, Taste The Arts or South Valley Art Tour #ACSVAT.

Any topic or word you hear throughout your day, week or month is appropriate.  Other acceptable entries would include bees, honey or other buzzing creatures, so you might need to bring your trusty flyswatter.

The Arts Consortium is also proud to be hosting the Tulare Kings Writers: Tulare Kings Writers is a networking group open to writers and authors of all genres who are striving to hone their writing and book marketing skills. All writers and authors are invited to join us at 10:00 a.m. on the third Saturday of each month in the Blue Room at Tulare County Library in Visalia.

We are also excited to announce a BRAND NEW FIRST FRIDAY ART STOP! Stop by My Eyes Y Corazon (114 W. Main St. Ste 1E) with your signed First Friday scavenger hunt card for a chance to win a prize.

Arts Visalia

214 E. Oak Ave.

In April 2019, Arts Visalia presents Tattoo, an exhibition featuring works that are connected by ink. The exhibition will showcase a wide variety of tattoo talent consisting of tattoo sketches, photography of tattoos, 3-dimensional artworks and other artworks made by tattoo artists and artists that showcase tattoos in their works.

The art of marking skin with ink has evolved over time. From ancient to modern tattoo practices, tattoos generally feature decorative, symbolic or pictorial meanings and are sometimes used for branding. Tattoos have been referred to as uncivilized in the past, but have become more accepted by today’s culture.

Tattoo will take a look into the creative process of tattoos and the different depictions represented. This exhibition may contain some nudity in order to show the full range of tattoos on the body.

The Tattoo exhibition will be displayed April 3rd through 26th, with an opening reception on First Friday, April 5th, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. The exhibition is sponsored in part by Jack & Charlie’s, the Vintage Press Restaurante, the Southern Pacific Depot Restaurant, and the City of Visalia Measure N Grant.

Brandon Mitchell
117. S. Locust
Jean d’Ercle

The exhibit is titled “Accidental Art” by Jean d’Ercle and features abstract digital ink and acrylic work.

Originally from France, Jean has a masters in film from UCLA. He has created music videos and in the 80s created a documentary on the disabled community in Berkeley that was shown on PBS. Today, he does large banner art reminiscent of Japanese and Chinese work. He starts with a photo image, manipulates it digitally and then adds acrylic paint.

Jean Claude will be presenting the video he made of his latest exhibit in Three Rivers and will also be taking video during the show to create a video on the Brandon-Mitchell Gallery show.  Music and talks by participants of the My Voice Media Center mental health sessions at the Arts Consortium will also be included in the exhibit.

“In my art, I’m waiting for an accident… something that strikes me and tells me what I’m supposed to do.”

CAFE 210
210 W. Center Ave.
Visalia Digital Artists

The dozen or so photographers that meet at the Cafe 210 are students and teachers of photography. Over the years they have become a very talented and skilled group. Collectively they have won numerous awards and contests, both local and international. Each is an accomplished photographer in their own right and are regular contributors to local magazines, books and other publications.

On April 5th, they are joining the First Friday Art Walk with an exhibit entitled “Tulare County Through My Eyes” which will feature photographs of our county as seen through the viewfinder of this talented group of photographers.

Hosted by the Cafe 210, refreshments will be served.

Come meet the group and see their incredible work!

Creative Center
410 E. Race Ave.
Sofa Art Goes To Comic Con

The Creative Center is proud to host the 24th Annual Sofa Art Show. Artists of all ages and abilities from the community will be featured in this quirky exhibition inspired by sofas and comic book art! During the reception on April 5th, compete in the cosplay costume contest at 6:30 p.m., meet the artists, see comic book illustrators making live art and have your caricature drawn. Bring your friends and vote for your favorite art piece. Art awards are announced at 7:30 p.m. Admission is free.  


Mikayla Gutierrez
208 W. Main St., Ste B

Picture a world where imagination meets reality, where fantastical ideals merge into real

life. Feelings of bright colors and deep beauty meet here. These are the ideas behind my

creative work. My name is Mikayla Gutierrez. I am a young artist from Visalia, California. Born in 1998, I have vowed myself to creation since a young age, as if it was more of a necessity than a choice. My work is inspired by my deepest emotions.  Art has always been an outlet for my

expression. Though unknowingly throughout the years, I have always painted as a way to

understand my most conceptual thoughts and emotions. I am currently enrolled at College of

the Sequoias, studying art full time. Though my education has been brief up to this point, it has

not been until very recently that I have pursued my art as a career.

My work looks like the safe place in my head where my best ideas flourish. I love to use

blue to express my grievances, and pink to express my inner femme. Not only inspired by the

language of color, many of my pieces are brought to life due to my life’s emotional experiences

and personal growth. It is a visual exploration of my life’s physical experiences. I use the people

closest to me to express ideas about friendship, love, and especially heartache. I love to paint

clouds because they represent the spiritual essence that sounds the dirt of our lives.

My work develops life’s existing concepts of love and heartache into a visual reality. This

particular show, “From the Dark Into Light,” reflects on my most inner turmoils and brings light

and validation to their existence. Art for me has always been a form of therapy, a way to cope

with existence, a way to feel purposeful in my physical reality. Expressing my deepest feelings,

and corresponding their existence into a physical and visual representation, has been my

biggest and bravest achievement. My self portraits represent my own bewilderment of life, the

discovery of my personal power and my love for deep and colorful feeling. It all surrounds the

theme of love and intensity. My work is the result of being a child to surreality and imagination.

My Eyes Y Corazon

114 W. Main St. Ste 1E

Javier Isidoro

Featured artist, Javier Isidoro, was born and raised in Huron, CA and proudly incorporates his childhood and culture in his artwork. He currently resides in Hanford and is a proud papa to three amazing kids. This will be his debut in sharing his art.

My Eyes Y Corazon is a shop full of Familia, Amor Y Cultura. Everything is created/customized by Janie, the owner, her husband, Javier, and their three children Devin, Jiovanna and Charlie. They have made a promise to bring culture back to the Valley and to make sure their shop stands for unity and tradition.

Join us this and every Frist Friday in Downtown Visalia for our monthly art hop! As always FREE and family friendly!

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