Oval Park Facility Proposal


The Arts Consortium would like to remind you about what we call our “Special Programs”, a fiscal agency program for art start-ups in our community.  As Tulare County’s arts council, we are proud to be able to offer this service to our local artists and arts groups.  

In particular, we are currently seeking proposals concordant with a partnership that we have with the City of Visalia in order to activate the Oval Park facility and its surroundings.  As the Arts Consortium and our My Voice Media Center will soon be relocating to the Lofts at Fort Visalia’s Community Center, we are hoping to retain an arts presence here at Oval Park.  It is a particular kind of location which we have grown to love, and we hope to see great candidates for this opportunity.
Priority will be given to programs seeking high levels of presence and activity at this location. 
Due to our upcoming move and with the intent to keep high levels of activity at Oval Park, in order to be considered for a Special Program designation in connection with this opportunity, please read and complete the application by November 22nd, 2023
Some items to consider:
Some Average Monthly expenses at the Oval Facility:
Rent: $225
Alarm: $60
Water: $50+
Electric: $100 – 500
Gas: $20 -150
Trash: $103
Internet: $54 – 400
The Police Activities League uses the building for various holidays throughout the year at no cost to them.  We hope that you will collaborate with them as we have in the past, so that their featured guests can have a place to change into costumes or take a break throughout their programs.
The Arts Consortium will pay insurance for approved Special Program activities. 
Approved Special Program will have to pay 2 months worth of average expenses as a deposit for using the facility. 


Read the application carefully.
Deadline: November 22, 2023

Complete and submit to: hello@artsconsortium.org

Special Programs_Fiscal Agent Minimum Requirements Application