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You have until October 31st to register for the premier art event in Tulare County! Please click here to join the tour! 

Art by – Shirley Keller

Thank you for your past participation in The South Valley Artists’ Studio Tour!
The Arts Consortium is always looking to improve, so with the help of a committee that is passionate about growing the Studio Tour, we have made a few changes.


1) We will be rebranding as the South Valley Art Tour.

2) Now a yearly event.

Art by – Shirley Keller

– Due to popular demand, and logistics, the biennial South Valley Artists’ is now a yearly event and will be known as the South Valley Art Tour.

3) More guests at each studio

– Moving to a yearly event will allow the South Valley Art Tour to alternate between featuring the South and North regions of Tulare County. This change will allow guests to spend less time driving and more time visiting your studios.

We will be kicking off the improved 2019 South Valley Art Tour with the studios South of Highway 198.

If your studio is located North of 198 you will be featured in 2020.

A few more changes:

– No more cropping your artwork in the passport.

– An improved proofreading and application process to allow each artist to preview your information before we go to print.

– Improved signage to help guide guests to your studio.

-New professionally designed logo (to be unveiled soon)!

– Better maps and a new number system for each studio which will guide guests across Tulare County.

For more information and to sign up for to 2019 South Valley Art Tour – Region South click the button below!

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Art by – Shirley Keller