Calling all Sculptors and Ceramic Artists!

May 01, 2018

Calling all Sculptor and Ceramic Artists! We are featuring you during June and during First Friday!

The Arts Consortium would like to invite all to participate in our June 2018 “Adventures in 3-D” First Friday show, featuring sculpture, ceramics, and assemblage.
Entries will be accepted Friday 5/25/18 at the Consortium (300 E. Oak Ave.) from 10 AM – 6:00 PM.


1. Original work only, submitted by the artist or a friend of the artist.
2. We will be asking for a $10.00 entry fee (per piece). If you want to become at take in we will waive the fee when you pay the $25.00 membership.
3. If your piece sells we will take 20% commission of the selling price. The Consortium will handle all sales. It is the artist’s responsibility to price their work to reflect the 20%.
4. The artist is expected to carry their own insurance. All work shown is at the risk of the artist.
5. Sculptural works that need to be hung should be brought in with hardware sturdy enough to hang. We have peg-board walls and use hooks to hang. We cannot hang from the ceiling.
6. Sculpture pieces, free standing can be no larger than 5ft. tall and 4ft. wide and must be on a study base that cannot be knocked over. No sharp edges or points easily broken.
7. All work must be labeled with the artist’s name and current contact information, title and price.
8. This is a juried exhibit and entries will be accepted or rejected upon entry.
9. Sold work must remain at the gallery until the end of the show. The person buying the work may pick up the piece with proof of payment.
10. All work MUST BE PICKED UP on Friday June 29 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM. We do not have room for storage and will be receiving art for the next show in the following week.


Friday May 25 – 10AM-6PM – Receiving submissions
Friday June 1 – 5PM -8PM – Opening Reception
Friday June 29 -10AM-6PM – Pick up art work
The Arts Consortium will generate publicity for the exhibit, and will provide invitations to the reception that the artists can personalize and mail at their own expense.
Questions can be directed to Josh

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