Arts Consortium Virtual Special Event Application

Hello Artists,
The Board and Staff at the Arts Consortium have been attempting to think of alternative ways in which to support your efforts to show or sell your art in 2020. 
Below are some options for your consideration:


The Arts Consortium has decided to implement an application process for artists that wish to be featured in our First Friday or Membership Meeting videos over the next 12 months.  All Tulare County based artists and arts organizations are welcome to apply!
One of our main goals is to increase the visibility of artists who plan to host variations of an “Open Studio”** (completely independent from the Arts Consortium).  We also want to feature new and exciting projects, like the online television series that are emerging right here in our neighborhood! 
We hope to add to your outreach efforts regarding your art projects or events.  We promote our videos through our Youtube channel, which we then promote at, and through our social media platforms.
Our video resources are limited; BUT, there will be:

  • 2 applications accepted per month
  • Monthly availability posted online and updated before First Friday, each month.
  • No deadline for applications  
  • Early applications accepted
  • $500 value
  • Video will receive promotion on the Arts Consortium’s official Facebook page, YouTube channel, Instagram page, and on our Arts Consortium website events calendar.

The following will be required of interested artists:

  • Provide images of artwork with titles and prices
  • All artists must undergo a jury selection process
  • Must complete an Arts Consortium virtual event participation application
  • Must provide a link to or a full copy of your digital portfolio as a USB drive (deliver to 300 E. Oak Avenue between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., Tuesday through Friday).
  • You must agree to promote your video in addition to promotion provided by the Arts Consortium.


  • Provide us with extra digital photography or videography 
  • Provide some items for sale with varied prices
  • Print and post fliers about your video premiere

We hope you will take advantage of our offer to promote your Open Studio – a great way to reach a wider audience and bring people to your art!  Let’s continue to share art with our community as we help artists struggling to get through this difficult time.  
For an Arts Consortium virtual event participation application, please contact Pam Pietroforte at
Artists will take sole responsibility for planning and running their Open Studio event, including date, time, location, set-up, and any Covid-19 safety regulations or precautions, and insurance.  Also, the Arts Consortium will not supply any tables, chairs, tents, etc.
Arts Consortium will not provide event production support beyond any marketing directly associated with First Friday and Arts Consortium Membership Meetings.

2)  WATERMARK MAGAZINE SPECIAL EDITION AND VIRTUAL GALLERY (More information will be provided during our October 12, 2020 Membership Meeting)

We have reworked our annual magazine to allow us to provide full page spreads for any artist interested in promoting and selling their artwork.  In conjunction with your ad space in the Watermark Special Edition, you will automatically be featured in our first virtual exhibition.

A. Watermark Special Edition

  • 40 pages available to artists  
  • $50 per page
  • Max 2 page limit per artist, no guarantees on page placement
  • Applications will be considered in the order that they are received
  • Deadline for applications is September 30th, 2020
  • Up to 3 images per page
  • Magazine will be free of charge to the general public


  • You will be included in 4,000 copies of a 64 page magazine printed at 8.5×11
  • You can include whatever contact information you want
  • You can show a variety of your work 
  • Even if you sell all of the items on your catalog page, the magazine will be a great keepsake


  • Must undergo jury process
  • Must include a price list to be included discreetly
  • Must be willing to participate in 3D Virtual Reality Gallery
  • All images must be of 300 dpi resolution or better


  • Try to maintain a good variety of prices to increase your marketability

B. Virtual Exhibition (look for our video description during our October Membership Meeting)

  • Explore the Virtual Gallery with your avatar – it’s almost like being there in person!
  • Automatic entry upon selection for Watermark Special Edition
  • Up to 5 images per person (including images from Watermark Special Edition)
  • Invite your friends from near and far to see your work hanging in our virtual gallery
  • $500 Best in Show award

To access the Virtual Special Event Application, please click on the following link: