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Peg Hutson

Membership: June 6, 2017
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Art did not come into Peg Hutson’s life early. As a choir director and teacher for 35 years, Peg explored creativity through singing and directing.  It wasn’t until 2013, when Peg was asked to teach a semester of beginning art to students at Valley Oak Middle School that she began this journey. A novice, she immersed herself in researching and practicing this new skill to be ready to teach an introduction to art course.  She was given a room with chairs, clipboards, and an overhead projector. That’s it!

From that simple beginning, Peg realized she enjoyed the process of learning, creating, and teaching this new medium.  The one-semester course became a three year, twice daily class, until a full-time art teacher was hired. But Peg had caught the bug.  




Peg Hudson Art

Peg took oil painting lessons from George Raybe and discovered the passion this medium held for her.  Then, in 2016, after 35 years of teaching, she was named “Teacher of the Year” for VUSD, and retired. In 2017 Peg held her first art show at Cort Gallery in Three Rivers.  There she displayed 30 pieces to several hundred visitors, guests, friends, and family.

Hutson’s work features vibrant oil paintings in Abstract form.   She is best known for infusing her work with emotional hues and bold color stories.  Many of her paintings are in thick “Impasto” form, which leaps off the canvas and invites you to touch.  Her most recent work is based on the emotions of nature around her.

You can visit her FACEBOOK page to view more of her art at by clicking: Art During Retirement

Categories: Painting


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