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Joanie Constable

Membership: November 7, 2014
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I have always admired artists. I was a decent enough photographer but painting, drawing, collage, sculpting were things I could only dream about doing . Eight years ago I met 2 artists during San Luis Obispo County’s Open Studio Tour who were doing fantastic work on their computers, merging their photography with textures and colors. They were generous enough to let me in on what software they were using and I came home and immediately downloaded the free trials offered. That was the start of my creative journey into Digital Art.

I love layering visual textures and finding just the right mix that makes you say “Wow! That is really cool!”

I also work in Encaustic Painting(painting with molten wax) and I am now dabbling in collage. Both of theses mediums are similar to my digital work in that you build layers to create depth in your work.
I thank my lucky stars that I have enriched my life with artists who inspire and teach and bring beauty to the world. I strive to achieve what they have given me.

Categories: Digital Art / Graphic Design, Mixed Media, Photography


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