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Christopher Mendoza

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I’m a medical illustrator and animator inspired by fantasy, science fiction, comic books, and fun-loving adventure. I received my BFA in Studio Art from Arizona State and my MS in Biomedical Visualization from theUniversity of Illinois at Chicago. I grew up reading and drawing comics and love to infuse a bit of whimsy and style into my art.

Growing up as a huge fan of comics and animation I pull from my childhood and man-child experiences to fashion characters and stories of my own that I can pass on to my children and hopefully others. As a new father and stay-at-home dad balancing work and family, I draw from my day to day life (pun intended) and impart my experiences in my blog for other stay-at-home dads, new fathers,
dads to be, and parents at large.

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Categories: Digital Art / Graphic Design, Drawing
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