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Caitlynn Berry

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Wow where to start, right? I’m the Caitlynn in Caitlynn’sCreations, @Facebook and @instagram, I’ve been drawing since I was a very little girl. When I was five my parents put me in art classes so I could develop a solid understanding of art fundamentals. I received art classes until I was eleven where my father took over helping me understand anatomy better, buying me books and critiquing my work.


I’ve always had strong family support for my art even when they didn’t understand why I chose what I did to draw. I fell in love with fantasy women after I watched the little mermaid in theaters when I was five. I didn’t even know the name of the genre until much later but I continued to draw mermaids and fairies as my main addiction in art.

Around the time I turned eleven I started to create stories around my art and regale family members with the background story of my pictures. Now in my thirties with my eleven-year-old daughter doing the same, I have come to drawing pictures that I hope causes the people viewing them to want to create their own stories around what they think might be happening in the picture that I just drew.
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