Articulate with Jim Cotter

January 12, 2018

I was very excited to start a partnership, with Valley PBS and Articulate. Two of my greatest pastimes are Art and watching inspiring television. While I don’t get the chance to participate in either activity as much as I like, I definitely make time to watch this amazing TV show, on ValleyPBS.

The wide variety of artist that contribute to the show always keep me engaged; I learn something new with every episode. Whether I’m getting to know the man behind the books like, “A series of unfortunate events,” learning more about the band, The Struts, or being inspired by a new artist to create something magical, Articulate always leaves me inspired. Sometimes when I have “writer’s block” I have tried streaming an episode just for some much-needed inspiration. . . And it usually works!

Articulate, with Jim Cotter is an Emmy Award-winning magazine show that examines the human condition – as expressed through culture and creativity.  You can watch it on ValleyPBS at 6:30 Sunday evenings or you can always catch it on demand, online at

No matter what type of art you’re passionate about, you are sure to find something you’ll enjoy watching.
Tune in Sunday’s at 6:30 PM or check it out on demand at You can also follow Jim Cotter and Articulate on Social Media!

Happy Viewing!

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