A Message from Ampelio

To our Friends and Family,

I would like to take a moment to recognize the hard work and dedication that our wonderful team puts into making the Arts Consortium the multi-faceted resource that it is to our community.

Our generous and talented Board of Directors donate hundreds of hours per year (along with many other resources) toward ensuring that we stay on course with our Mission and Vision. We are all very thankful that they listen to staff needs and encourage us through times of difficulty, while providing us with good examples of professionalism and tenacity. All of our Board Members have deep roots in our community so they are not only committed to the arts, but to the wide array of people and cultures in our beautiful region.

Our diverse and multi-generational staff efficiently combines our myriad skills and life experiences to address the needs of our community. We take pride in implementing our many wide-reaching programs, and we learn from our missed opportunities in order to improve the services that we provide to our membership, to the general public, and to the visitors of Tulare County. Our staff gives the utmost effort to maintaining our high productivity levels, and we are eternally grateful for the increasing levels of community support.

Our volunteers, community partners, as well as our champions at the city, county, and state governments fuel our many endeavors through their opinions or input, financial contributions, and “good old fashioned” hard work.

I firmly believe that none of our programs would be possible or worthwhile without these contributions.

I humbly extend my gratitude to the many individuals who have come before us and to those who stand beside us. The Arts Consortium represents the arts community in Tulare County but we did not create it, nor do we command it. We are here for you and because of you.

Thank you all for everything that you do to help us increase the value of the arts and for helping us make the arts an every day thing!

With many thanks,

Ampelio Mejia Perez
General Manager
Arts Consortium

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