2019 Watermark Cover Contest

The Arts Consortium announces our 2019 Watermark magazine cover-art

contest. All Central California artists are invited to submit. No more than one design per artist.

Submissions must display excellent craftsmanship and may highlight people, trends, culture, or historical landmarks within Tulare County (no references to brands, logos, or other organizations).

Designs will be judged based on the following:
– Attractive design elements to be used throughout our publication
– Space to place our “WATERMARK” logo across the entire page (about 1.5″x8.5″) – Space to add “call outs” for articles or other magazine features
– Reproducibility of the artwork and sales potential
– Family friendly content

The winning submission will adorn the cover of our annual publication. The winning artist will receive a $500 prize and will be featured in an article within our magazine.