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First Friday

Through a year-round calendar of events, First Friday brings together community members who want to appreciate and support the arts – including artists, patrons, experienced collectors, curious beginners, and the community at large.

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My Voice Media Center

My Voice Media Center is a collaboration between the Arts Consortium and Tulare County Health and Human Services Agency to bring those with lived mental healthcare experience and their families access to the digital media they need to tell their stories and express their artistic aspirations.

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The Visalia Visual Chronicle

The Visalia Visual Chronicle is a privately-funded, publicly-owned art collection for the city of Visalia, CA. The Chronicle captures the multitude of experiences, peoples, cultures and views that help define Visalia's icons, culture and quality of life.

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Visalia Opera Company

The Visalia Opera Company works to promote the art of opera in the community of Visalia. The Company provides a platform for students and young artists to develop their talent and skills, serving to enrich and cultivate a wide audience to the art of opera in the central valley.

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Urbanists Collective

The Urbanists Collective is an art group founded by artist Erik Gonzalez and its main focus is to promote the education and positive expansion of urban art within the community. This group has rapidly grown to include talents such as spray-can artists, photographers, tattoo artist, writers, poets, vocalists and screen printers.

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