South Valley Artists' Studio Tour

Participating Artists for 2016

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Manuel Abad, Oil (Tulare)
Michael Alvarez, Photography (Visalia)
Rick Badgley, Woodworking (Three Rivers)
Betty Berk, Oil (Visalia)
Toni Best, Baskets/Gourds (Visalia)
Kevin Bowman, Printmaking/Painting (Visalia)
Joy Collier, Acrylic (Porterville)
John Coppola, Mixed Media (Visalia)
Elsah Cort, Mixed Media/Collage/Digital Art (Three Rivers)
Louise Fisher, Christine Sell-Porter, Bill “Hopper” Sullivan, Clay (Three Rivers)
Martha Gaines (Journey on Designs), Recycled Leather/Silverware (Visalia)
Cecile Garrison, Mixed Media/Gourds (Visalia)
Erik Gonzalez, Spray Paint (Visalia)
Linda Hengst, Oil/Acrylic/Watercolor (Woodlake)
Brooke Jackson, Photography (Visalia)
Marzi Jalilpour (MarzisDesign), Metal (Visalia)
Shirley Keller, Multi-Media (Three Rivers)
Phet Khamsaysoury, Ray Mejia, Photography/Videography (Visalia)
Joel Martin, Mixed Media (Visalia)
Brent Mosley (Sleekmaus & Sleek Illumination), Digital/Industrial Materials (Visalia)
Lynn Ramires, Watercolor (Tulare)
Nonnie Rhoades, Watercolor/Oil/Palette Knife (Tulare)
Mark Robinson, Stone/Wood (Exeter)
Jessica Robles, Printmaking/Drawing (Visalia)
Joan E. Seibel, Clay (Visalia)
Mona Fox Selph, Oil/Acrylic/Watercolor/Pastel/Ceramics/Drawing/Mixed Media (Three Rivers)
Sarah K. Speidel & Bethany Klint (Flowers of Visalia & Foundling Press), Photography/Paper (Visalia)
Nadi Spencer, Acrylic/Watercolor (Three Rivers)
LaVone Sterling, Pastel (Visalia)
John A. Sundstrom, Painting/Sculpture/Drawing/Printmaking/Mixed Media (Woodlake)
William L. Wheeler, Oil (Visalia)
Martha Widmann, Acrylic/Charcoal/Nupastel/Graphics/Oil/Photography (Three Rivers)
Dave & Hilary Williams, Storyboards/Calligraphy (Visalia)
Jenny Zeeb, Amy Figueroa, Debby Sparshott (Garden Street Studio), Multi-Media (Visalia)

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