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Cover Art Contest 2018-Taste The Arts

March 09, 2018

The Arts Consortium announces our 2018 Watermark magazine cover-art contest.

The winning artist will receive a $500 prize and will be featured in an article within our magazine.  The winning submission will be featured as the cover of our annual publication.  Elements from the winning design will be used throughout our publication and will help create a theme for our 2018 edition of Watermark.

The selected design may be reproduced and used in promotional work for our annual Taste the Arts Festival, in our magazine, on posters, t-shirts and other items that support the Arts Consortium.  As such, judging criteria will include viability of sales potential. 

Submissions should be originally designed by the artist and thematically related to the mission of the Arts Consortium, which celebrates Tulare County’s art, culture, and community.  
Entry Deadline & Delivery

Entries may be delivered electronically to the Arts Consortium via email at
Emails will include your:
First Name, Last Name,
Phone number,
Mailing Address.
Image file must be labeled: FirstNameLast Name_TTAposter17.

All entries must be received by: May 2, 2018.

All Central California artists are invited to submit a poster that embodies the theme of the Arts Consortium. No more than one design per artist.

Poster Dimension and File Requirements

Must be original design.

Poster size must be 11” x 17”.  

Submissions must be in a .pdf (digital) format.

Winning artist must submit an un-flattened and editable version of design

The finished artwork must include

A sense of inclusivity for all art forms

Design elements to be included in the overall theme of our 2018 Watermark magazine

IMPORTANT: Entries must NOT reference other Organizations, Logos or Brands.

Terms of Agreement

The Arts Consortium and Taste the Arts committee reserves the right to accept or reject all work submitted during this competition. The Arts Consortium accepts no liability for damaged or lost files/art works.
The winning entry becomes the property of the Arts Consortium. The artist releases the copyright of the design image, and the Arts Consortium reserves the right to unlimited reproduction, editing, and use of the image or parts of the image for arts festival materials and products for sale.  

Selection Process

The winner will be selected by an Arts Consortium appointed Committee, and is subject to the terms of this agreement.

Artwork will be judged on the following:

Quality of Design and Adherence to Concept
Creativity and Originality of the Artwork

Notification of Winner

The Arts Consortium will announce the winner at its May membership meeting: May 14, 2017 at 5:30pm at 300 E. Oak St., Visalia, CA 93291

I certify that I have read and agree to the terms stated herein.

Name: ________________________________________________
Date: ____________________________________________________
Phone Number:___________________________________________

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Get your tickets for the South Valley Artists Tour - April 14-15, 2018

February 16, 2018

Get in on the coolest thing this side of Fresno! The South Valley Artist Tour!!

The Arts Consortium has over 40 artists who are opening up their studios and letting you in to witness their creative process.
The tour is April 14-15 with artists participating from Dinuba, Visalia, Exeter, Three Rivers, Lindsay, Porterville and Springville. Get your passport today by following the link below!

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Articulate with Jim Cotter

January 12, 2018

I was very excited to start a partnership, with Valley PBS and Articulate. Two of my greatest pastimes are Art and watching inspiring television. While I don’t get the chance to participate in either activity as much as I like, I definitely make time to watch this amazing TV show, on ValleyPBS.

The wide variety of artist that contribute to the show always keep me engaged; I learn something new with every episode. Whether I’m getting to know the man behind the books like, “A series of unfortunate events,” learning more about the band, The Struts, or being inspired by a new artist to create something magical, Articulate always leaves me inspired. Sometimes when I have “writer’s block” I have tried streaming an episode just for some much-needed inspiration. . . And it usually works!

Articulate, with Jim Cotter is an Emmy Award-winning magazine show that examines the human condition - as expressed through culture and creativity.  You can watch it on ValleyPBS at 6:30 Sunday evenings or you can always catch it on demand, online at

No matter what type of art you’re passionate about, you are sure to find something you’ll enjoy watching.
Tune in Sunday’s at 6:30 PM or check it out on demand at You can also follow Jim Cotter and Articulate on Social Media!

Happy Viewing!

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Gear up for California Arts Council grant season!

January 05, 2018

Does your organization want to make a difference through culture and creative expression? The California Arts Council wants to help!

State arts funding saw a significant permanent increase this year. Greater investment
equals greater opportunity to meet the demand for arts and cultural experiences across California. Don’t miss out on your chance to apply for state arts grants.

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