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We Have Arrived at 300 E. Oak Ave.!

April 06, 2017

The Arts Consortium is now in our new location in front of the Lumberyard!

We would like to acknowledge the hard work that Michael Kreps and Erik Gonzalez have put in to painting and making repairs to the new building to make it a comfortable, usable space. Ampelio Mejia has also been working hard making our workspaces come together.

There are numerous things we still need to update this new space. Communication systems update and air conditioning are high on our list. We would also like to put in a garden area and move John Friedrich’s wonderful sculpture in the front of the office, as well as a fence.

We are committed to promoting the arts in Tulare County and to keep My Voice Media Center going strong. With this move we are hoping to become a hub for the arts in Tulare County and surrounding areas. Plans for both entities to grow and expand need financial support to go forward. Your donation to the Arts Consortium will help us achieve our vision.

We appreciate the great community support we have received in the past and hope that support continues. Please visit our gallery to enjoy what we offer to the community.

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