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Visalia Visual Chronicle

January 23, 2014

The Visalia Visual Chronicle began its debut at Arts Visalia in January 2013. We are pleased that 11 of the 20 pieces in the collection have been sponsored for permanent inclusion. There will be a new call for art to put in the collection in May 2014. Contact if you are interested.

On display at Rabo Bank through February 2014. Open 8-5 at 130 N. Garden Street, Visalia. 559 636-1166

You may view all the candidates for 2013 at the site at:

Sponsored pieces include

“Due East through Elliott Ranch” by Matthew Rangel, sponsored by McMillin Homes Inc.

“Rendered Legacy” by Ellen Milinich, sponsored by the Jeff and Sandy Carl Family

“Riverbed 2” by Ernie Weerasinghe, sponsored by First Arts

“Northside 2” by Ernie Weerasinghe, sponsored by Karen & Randy Tellalian & DMI Agency Inc.

“Sunday Morning” by LaVone Sterling, sponsored by Visalia Men’s Breakfast Group

“Summer Morning on Main” by Ellen Milinich, sponsored bu Susan Zachary Kreps and Judy Lawsen

“Orange Ash” by James Stark, sponsored by Susan Zachary Kreps and Judy Lawsen

“Peek A Boo” by Jeri Burzin, sponsored by Francie Levy

“The Oval, 2012” by Carlos Rocha, sponsored by Mary Jo and Rick Eastes

“Old & New” by Nancy Randell, sponsored by Elizabeth Lundy and John Krebbs

“Rainbo No More” by Nancy Randell, sponsored by Cale and Quinn Livingstone

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